Characterization of Yielding Magnesium Alloy AZ31 with BBC2005

Hußnätter W, Banabic D, Merklein M, Geiger M (2008)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2008

Publisher: Hanrimwon Publishing Co.

Pages Range: 782

Conference Proceedings Title: Proceedings of ICTP2008


The finite element analysis (FEA) is getting more and more important in fields of sheet metal forming for process design and parts' dimensioning. But the reliability and the quality of the numerical results strongly depend on the model that has to be built for the calculations. Especially the modelling of the elastic-plastic material behaviour is of main importance, since it shows a wide impact on the numerically calculated stresses and strains in sheet metal parts. Therefore, the material data have to be determined using experiments and have to be modelled basing on the experimental results. Most of semi-finished products are characterized by anisotropic material properties which can be approximated by yield criteria like those of Hill'48 for common steels or Barlat'89 and various BBC-models for some aluminium alloys. The diversity of new materials, in particular light weight materials like magnesium sheet metals may cause the necessity of new yield criteria, but in some cases the material behaviour can also be modelled by existing ones. In this paper the material behaviour of the magnesium alloy AZ31 under plane tensile stress conditions is investigated. The experimental investigations have been done at the Chair of Manufacturing Technology (LFT) of the University of Erlangen using a novel experimental setup. The yielding behaviour is determined basing exclusively on real material data out of experiments so that no FE-calculations are necessary to detect strains and stresses. Using these data different yield criteria are applied to model the real material characteristics, whereas the criterion of BBC2005 gives to the best approximation for uniaxial yield stresses, the anisotropy coefficients and also the yield locus diagram.

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Hußnätter, W., Banabic, D., Merklein, M., & Geiger, M. (2008). Characterization of Yielding Magnesium Alloy AZ31 with BBC2005. In ICTP (Eds.), Proceedings of ICTP2008 (pp. 782). Hanrimwon Publishing Co..


Hußnätter, Wolfgang, et al. "Characterization of Yielding Magnesium Alloy AZ31 with BBC2005." Proceedings of the Proceedings of ICTP2008 Ed. ICTP, Hanrimwon Publishing Co., 2008. 782.

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