Laser based rework in electronics production

Albert F, Mys I, Schmidt M (2007)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2007


Book Volume: 6459

Pages Range: 6549

Conference Proceedings Title: Laser-based Micropackaging, Proceedings of SPIE

Event location: San Jose (CA) US

ISBN: 0819465720

DOI: 10.1117/12.703125


Despite the electronic manufacturing is well-established mass production process for a long time, the problem of reworking, i.a. reject and replace of defect components, still exists. The rework operations (soldering, replacement and desoldering) are performed in most cases manually. However, this practice is characterized by an inconsistent quality of the reworked solder joints and a high degree of physiological stress for the employees. In this paper, we propose a novel full-automated laser based soldering and rework process. Our developed soldering system is a pick-and-place unit with an integrated galvanometer scanner, a fiber coupled diode laser for quasi-simultaneous soldering and a pyrometer-based process control. The developed system provides soldering and reworking processes taking into account a kind of defect, a type of electronic component and quality requirements from the IPC-610 norm. The paper spends a great deal of efforts to analyze quality of laser reworked solder joints. The quality depends mainly on the type and thickness of intermetallic phases between solder, pads and leads; the wetting angles between pad, solder and lead; and finally, the joint microstructure with its mechanical properties. The influence of the rework soldering on these three factors is discussed and compared to conventional laser soldering results. In order to optimize the quality of reworked joints, the different strategies of energy input are applied.

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Albert, F., Mys, I., & Schmidt, M. (2007). Laser based rework in electronics production. In Belligham (Eds.), Laser-based Micropackaging, Proceedings of SPIE (pp. 6549). San Jose (CA), US.


Albert, F., I. Mys, and Michael Schmidt. "Laser based rework in electronics production." Proceedings of the Laser-based Micropackaging, Proceedings of SPIE, San Jose (CA) Ed. Belligham, 2007. 6549.

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