Size effects of CuZn37 brass foil in microforming

Li HZ, Dong XH, Wang Q, Shen Y, Diehl A, Hagenah H, Engel U, Merklein M (2011)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2011


Publisher: None

Book Volume: 19

Pages Range: 15-19

Journal Issue: 4


Uniaxial tensile tests and microbending experiments of brass foil specimens are performed to investigate size effects of metal foils in microforming process. The specimens are annealed at two different temperatures to obtain fine and coarse grain structure. In the paper, the springback angle in microbending process is predicted based on the classical plasticity theory and strain gradient theory. In uniaxial tensile tests, the increasing of material strength with decreasing foil thickness is observed, which indicates obvious presence of size effects for CuZn37 brass foils, especially for coarse grain specimens. In microbending experiments, obvious size-dependences of springback angle are observed, in which the springback angle of metal foils is increasing with foil thickness decreasing. The reasons for these size effects are discussed and the strain gradient hardening is important to microforming process.

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Li, H.Z., Dong, X.H., Wang, Q., Shen, Y., Diehl, A., Hagenah, H.,... Merklein, M. (2011). Size effects of CuZn37 brass foil in microforming. Cailiao Kexue yu Gongyi/Material Science and Technology, 19(4), 15-19.


Li, He Zong, et al. "Size effects of CuZn37 brass foil in microforming." Cailiao Kexue yu Gongyi/Material Science and Technology 19.4 (2011): 15-19.

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