Simulation of a Full Forward Extrusion Process from Metal Strip

Merklein M, Stellin T, Engel U (2011)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2011


Publisher: None

Book Volume: 1353

Pages Range: 493-498

DOI: 10.1063/1.3589563


The interest on mass production of small complex metal components is currently fostered by fields like electronics and micromechanics. A possible approach is seen in a multi-step bulk forming process, limited among scaling problems by handling difficulties between the forming stages. A radical simplification of the positioning of the workpiece is seen in a process in which a metal strip acts both as raw material and support of the workpiece through the different forming stages. Within the study of this method, a full forward extrusion process from metal strip has been simulated with the goal of getting the basic knowledge about the strip behavior and process performance. The influence of the main geometric and tribological features has been evaluated designing a full factorial plan. The role of the radius of curvature of the tool edges and of the factor of friction have become the points of main interest in the optimization of the process. © 2011 American Institute of Physics.

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Merklein, M., Stellin, T., & Engel, U. (2011). Simulation of a Full Forward Extrusion Process from Metal Strip. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1353, 493-498.


Merklein, Marion, Tommaso Stellin, and Ulf Engel. "Simulation of a Full Forward Extrusion Process from Metal Strip." AIP Conference Proceedings 1353 (2011): 493-498.

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