Mesoscopic Model - Advanced Simulation of Microforming Processes

Geiger M, Geißdörfer S (2007)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2007


Publisher: None

Book Volume: 907

Pages Range: 79-84

Journal Issue: 1

ISBN: 0735404143


Continued miniaturization in many fields of forming technology implies the need for a better understanding of the effects occurring while scaling down from conventional macroscopic scale to microscale. At microscale, the material can no longer be regarded as a homogeneous continuum because of the presence of only a few grains in the deformation zone. This leads to a change in the material behaviour resulting among others in a large scatter of forming results. A correlation between the integral flow stress of the workpiece and the scatter of the process factors on the one hand and the mean grain size and its standard deviation on the other hand has been observed in experiments. The conventional FE-simulation of scaled down processes is not able to consider the size-effects observed such as the actual reduction of the flow stress, the increasing scatter of the process factors and a local material flow being different to that obtained in the case of macroparts. For that reason, a new simulation model has been developed taking into account all the size-effects. The present paper deals with the theoretical background of the new mesoscopic model, its characteristics like synthetic grain structure generation and the calculation of micro material properties - based on conventional material properties. The verification of the simulation model is done by carrying out various experiments with different mean grain sizes and grain structures but the same geometrical dimensions of the workpiece. © 2007 American Institute of Physics.

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Geiger, M., & Geißdörfer, S. (2007). Mesoscopic Model - Advanced Simulation of Microforming Processes. AIP Conference Proceedings, 907(1), 79-84.


Geiger, Manfred, and Stefan Geißdörfer. "Mesoscopic Model - Advanced Simulation of Microforming Processes." AIP Conference Proceedings 907.1 (2007): 79-84.

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