Fabrication and structural characterization of diamond-coated tungsten tips

Tafel A, Wu M, Spiecker E, Hommelhoff P, Ristein J (2019)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2019


Book Volume: 97

Article Number: 107446

DOI: 10.1016/j.diamond.2019.107446


Coating metal nanotips with a negative electron affinity material like hydrogen-terminated diamond bears promise for a high brightness photocathode. We report a recipe on the fabrication of diamond-coated tungsten tips. A tungsten wire is etched electrochemically to a nanometer sharp tip, dip-seeded in diamond suspension and subsequently overgrown with a diamond film by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. With dip-seeding only, the seeding density declines towards the tip apex due to seed migration during solvent evaporation. The migration of seeds can be counteracted by nitrogen gas flow towards the apex, which makes coating of the apex with nanometer-thin diamond possible. At moderate gas flow, diamond grows homogeneously at shaft and apex whereas at high flow diamond grows in the apex region only. With this technique, we achieve a thickness of a few tens of nanometers of diamond coating within less than 1 μm away from the apex. Conventional transmission electron microscopy (TEM), electron diffraction and electron energy loss spectroscopy confirm that the coating is composed of dense nanocrystalline diamond with a typical grain size of 20 nm. High resolution TEM reveals graphitic paths between the diamond grains.

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Tafel, A., Wu, M., Spiecker, E., Hommelhoff, P., & Ristein, J. (2019). Fabrication and structural characterization of diamond-coated tungsten tips. Diamond and Related Materials, 97. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.diamond.2019.107446


Tafel, Alexander, et al. "Fabrication and structural characterization of diamond-coated tungsten tips." Diamond and Related Materials 97 (2019).

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