Its Either Trivial or Wrong

Rüde U (2018)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution, Abstract of lecture

Publication year: 2018

Event location: Oberwolfach DE



By definition exa-scale computers, as they will will soon become available, will perform 10^18 operations per second. Thus, if a porous medium consisted of 10^12 grains, we can perform a MegaFlop, i.e. 10^6 operations per particle and in each second. As reminder: a MegaFlop was the performance of a high end PC in 1990. If we now have sand particles of size 1mm and a domain of 10x10x10m, we can still devote the computational power of a full PC of 1990 to each individual grain. This, however, requires novel mathematical models, fundamentally new methods, and ultra scalable algorithms that can be implemented for modern supercomputer architectures. Besides illuminating the potential of pore scale resolved models on supercomputers, the talk will also expose the limitations and pitfalls.

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Rüde, U. (2018, August). Its Either Trivial or Wrong. Paper presentation at Oberwolfach Conference "Reactive Flows in Deformable, Complex Media", Oberwolfach, DE.


Rüde, Ulrich. "Its Either Trivial or Wrong." Presented at Oberwolfach Conference "Reactive Flows in Deformable, Complex Media", Oberwolfach 2018.

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