Spaceborne Single-Pass Interferometry with Multi-Static SAR

Krieger G, Fiedler H, Wendler M, Mittermayer J, Moreira A (2002)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2002

Publisher: DGON

Series: Proceedings

Pages Range: 65-69

Conference Proceedings Title: German Radar Symposium



Spaceborne bi- and multi-static SAR is an attractive approach to global-scale along-track and across-track interferometry. An efficient realization of such systems may be achieved by a set of low-cost, passive receivers onboard a constellation of microsatellites which simultaneously record the signals trans- mitted from an existing spaceborne radar. In this paper we in- troduce several multistatic SAR configurations and present the results of an interferometric performance analysis. This anal- ysis includes errors due to the limited SNR, block adaptive quan- tization, range and azimuth ambiguities, and geometric decor- relation for both flat surfaces and random volumes. Rela- tive height accuracies for three spaceborne configurations with PALSAR, ASAR and TerraSAR-X as illuminators are derived and compared.

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Krieger, G., Fiedler, H., Wendler, M., Mittermayer, J., & Moreira, A. (2002). Spaceborne Single-Pass Interferometry with Multi-Static SAR. In DGON Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ortung und Navigation e. V. (Eds.), German Radar Symposium (pp. 65-69). DGON.


Krieger, Gerhard, et al. "Spaceborne Single-Pass Interferometry with Multi-Static SAR." Proceedings of the German Radar Symposium Ed. DGON Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ortung und Navigation e. V., DGON, 2002. 65-69.

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