Tandem-X: Scientific Contributions

Hajnsek I, Krieger G, Papathanassiou K, Baumgartner SV, Rodriguez-Cassola M, Prats-Iraola P (2010)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2010

Conference Proceedings Title: IGARSS 2010

URI: https://elib.dlr.de/74022/

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Hajnsek, I., Krieger, G., Papathanassiou, K., Baumgartner, S.V., Rodriguez-Cassola, M., & Prats-Iraola, P. (2010). Tandem-X: Scientific Contributions. In IGARSS 2010.


Hajnsek, Irena, et al. "Tandem-X: Scientific Contributions." Proceedings of the IGARSS 2010 2010.

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