The TanDEM-X Mission: Earth Observation in 3D

Bräutigam B, Zink M, Hajnsek I, Krieger G (2013)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2013

Publisher: International Society for Geomorphometry

Pages Range: 1-4

Conference Proceedings Title: Geomorphometry



TanDEM-X is an innovative radar mission which encompasses two formation flying satellites. Its primary goal is the generation of a global Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of unprecedented accuracy. The baseline between the satellites can be flexibly adjusted for single-pass SAR interferometry. The DEMs are produced by cross-track interferometry. Their high performance will be achieved by combining at least two global coverages into a homogenous mosaic of a global DEM. The final DEM consists of geo cells with 1{${}^i̧rc$} by 1{${}^i̧rc$} size. Delivery of DEM products to registered scientific and commercial users will commence in 2014. Furthermore, the secondary mission goals of TanDEM-X exploit the versatility of the two SAR instruments. Along-track SAR interferometry as well as bistatic and multichannel SAR techniques are possible, providing unique capabilities for scientific researches in the field of remote sensing. This paper gives a status summary of the TanDEM-X mission with respect to the DEM generation and actual performance, its output products, and an outlook on future mission steps.

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Bräutigam, B., Zink, M., Hajnsek, I., & Krieger, G. (2013). The TanDEM-X Mission: Earth Observation in 3D. In Geomorphometry (pp. 1-4). International Society for Geomorphometry.


Bräutigam, Benjamin, et al. "The TanDEM-X Mission: Earth Observation in 3D." Proceedings of the Geomorphometry International Society for Geomorphometry, 2013. 1-4.

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