Dual-band digital beamforming synthetic aperture radar for earth observation

Gao S, Mao C, Qin F, Patyuchenko A, Tienda C, Younis M, Krieger G, Glisic S, Debski W, Boccia L, Amendola G, Arnieri E, Krstic M, Koczor A, Penkala P, Celton E (2015)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2015

Publisher: IEEE

Book Volume: 1

Pages Range: 1-3

Conference Proceedings Title: Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC)

URI: https://elib.dlr.de/103741/

DOI: 10.1109/APMC.2015.7411779


This paper presents some results of dual-band digital beamforming (DBF) space-borne Synthetic Aperture Radars (SAR). To reduce the cost, size, mass and power consumption of current space-borne SAR systems, a multi-static passive radar concept using DBF, highly integrated analogue and digital circuits and shared-aperture dual-band dual-polarization printed array on printed-circuit-board (PCB) is presented. Such a multi-static SAR system will be employed onboard a constellation of multiple small, low-cost satellites. First, the radar concept is introduced and followed by some results of dual-band shared-aperture antenna arrays. In addition, some results of MMIC and DBF are presented. To verify the simulation results, one prototype C/X dual-band sub-array had been fabricated and measured. The fabrication of X/Ka dual-band SAR system is currently on the way and more experimental results will be presented during the conference.

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Gao, S., Mao, C., Qin, F., Patyuchenko, A., Tienda, C., Younis, M.,... Celton, E. (2015). Dual-band digital beamforming synthetic aperture radar for earth observation. In Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC) (pp. 1-3). IEEE.


Gao, S., et al. "Dual-band digital beamforming synthetic aperture radar for earth observation." Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC) IEEE, 2015. 1-3.

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