Distributed Asynchronous Jacobi Methods

Schwarzmeier C, Ditter A, Fey D (2018)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution, Abstract of a poster

Publication year: 2018

Event location: Erlangen

URI: https://www10.cs.fau.de/publications/posters/2018/Schwarzmeier_CoSaS_2018.pdf


We present the implementation and evaluation of distributed asynchronous Jacobi methods with focus on cluster and cloud infrastructure. Asynchronous iterative methods intend to decrease the time needed for solving systems of linear equations by optimizing, i.e., reducing the amount of communication between processes. Two different versions of each the synchronous and asynchronous Jacobi method are implemented to solve the discretized Laplace's equation on a two-dimensional rectangular domain. The asynchronous implementations are observed to be superior in both scalability and runtime on any tested hardware environment.

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Schwarzmeier, C., Ditter, A., & Fey, D. (2018, September). Distributed Asynchronous Jacobi Methods. Poster presentation at International Symposium on Computational Science at Scale, Erlangen.


Schwarzmeier, Christoph, Alexander Ditter, and Dietmar Fey. "Distributed Asynchronous Jacobi Methods." Presented at International Symposium on Computational Science at Scale, Erlangen 2018.

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