Remote photoacoustic sensing using speckle-analysis

Lengenfelder B, Mehari F, Hohmann M, Heinlein M, Chelales E, Waldner M, Klämpfl F, Zalevsky Z, Schmidt M (2019)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Journal article, Online publication

Publication year: 2019



DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-38446-x


Laser surgery is a rising surgical technique, which offers several advantages compared to the traditional scalpel. However, laser surgery lacks a contact-free feedback system which offers high imaging contrast to identify the tissue type ablated and also a high penetration depth. Photoacoustic imaging has the potential to fill this gap. Since photoacoustic detection is commonly contact based, a new non-interferometric detection technique based on speckle-analysis for remote detection is presented in this work. Phantom and ex-vivo experiments are carried out in transmission and reflection-mode for proof of concept. In summary, the potential of the remote speckle sensing technique for photoacoustic detection is demonstrated. In future, this technique might be applied for usage as a remote feedback system for laser surgery, which could help to broaden the applications of lasers as smart surgical tools.

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Lengenfelder, B., Mehari, F., Hohmann, M., Heinlein, M., Chelales, E., Waldner, M.,... Schmidt, M. (2019). Remote photoacoustic sensing using speckle-analysis. Scientific Reports.


Lengenfelder, Benjamin, et al. "Remote photoacoustic sensing using speckle-analysis." Scientific Reports (2019).

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