Luminescence of Mn2+ ions in Tb3Al5O12 garnet

Zorenko Y, Gorbenko V, Voznyak T, Batentschuk M, Osvet A, Winnacker A (2010)

Publication Status: Published

Publication Type: Journal article, Original article

Publication year: 2010


Book Volume: 130

Pages Range: 380-386

Journal Issue: 3

DOI: 10.1016/j.jlumin.2009.09.024


The paper is dedicated to investigation of the Mn2+ luminescence in Tb$_3$Al5O12 (TbAG) garnet, as well as the processes of excitation energy transfer between host cations (Tb3+ ions) and activators (Mn2+ and Mn2+--Ce3+ pair ions) in single crystalline films of TbAG:Mn and TbAG:Mn,Ce garnets which can be considered as promising luminescent materials for conversion of LED's radiation. Due to the effective energy transfer between TbAG host and activator, Mn2+ ions in TbAG possess the bright orange luminescence in the bands peaked at 595~nm with a lifetime of 0.64~ms which are caused by the $^4$T1$i̊ghtarrow$6A1 radiative transitions. The simultaneous process of energy transfer is realized in TbAG:Mn,Ce: (i) from Tb3+ to Mn2+ ions; (ii) from Tb3+ cations to Ce3+ ions and then partly to Mn2+ ions through Tb3+ ion sublattice and Ce--Mn dipole--dipole interaction.

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Zorenko, Y., Gorbenko, V., Voznyak, T., Batentschuk, M., Osvet, A., & Winnacker, A. (2010). Luminescence of Mn2+ ions in Tb3Al5O12 garnet. Journal of Luminescence, 130(3), 380-386.


Zorenko, Yu, et al. "Luminescence of Mn2+ ions in Tb3Al5O12 garnet." Journal of Luminescence 130.3 (2010): 380-386.

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