A framework for recruiting IT talent: Lessons from Siemens

Laumer S, Weitzel T, Eckhardt A (2009)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Journal article, Original article

Publication year: 2009


Book Volume: 8

Pages Range: 123-197

Journal Issue: 4


Recruiting and attracting IT talent remains a challenge for IT executives and will once again come to the forefront as the world's economies begin to emerge from recession. As this happens, we expect skills shortages to rise up the IT management agenda, especially as the "baby boomer" generation begins to retire and as the number of computer science graduates reduces. To help IT recruiters face the challenges, we provide a four-quadrant framework that segments recruitment activities on two dimensions - the recruitment timescale and the scarcity of the skills required. Based on the experiences of German industrial giant Siemens, we have identified the recruitment methods that can be applied in each quadrant and provide an indication of their relative costs. We conclude with eight recommendations for improving the recruitment of IT talent in an era when skilled people increasingly expect to be contacted - even wooed - by prospective employers rather actively searching for opportunities themselves.

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Laumer, S., Weitzel, T., & Eckhardt, A. (2009). A framework for recruiting IT talent: Lessons from Siemens. Mis Quarterly Executive, 8(4), 123-197.


Laumer, Sven, Tim Weitzel, and Andreas Eckhardt. "A framework for recruiting IT talent: Lessons from Siemens." Mis Quarterly Executive 8.4 (2009): 123-197.

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