The performance impact of business process standardization: HR case study insights

Muenstermann B, von Stetten A, Laumer S, Eckhardt A (2010)

Publication Language: English

Publication Status: Published

Publication Type: Journal article, Original article

Publication year: 2010


Book Volume: 33

Pages Range: 924-939

Journal Issue: 9

DOI: 10.1108/01409171011070332


Purpose: This paper intends to enhance the understanding of business process standardization and how it contributes to generate business value. This research is a step towards a solid theoretical framework around business process standardization. Design/methodology/approach: A single case study conducted in a global operating company is completed. Standardization of a certain business process (in our case the recruiting process) is shown to contribute to business value. Findings: By standardizing its recruiting process, the company was able to reduce the "Time-to-Hire" from 92 to 69 days and the overall costs of the recruiting process by about 30 percent. The quality of the applicant data has clearly improved. Clarity and transparency of the recruiting process could be increased while the administrative expense within the HR departments in the distinct business locations could be reduced significantly. Research limitations: As with every case study, the generalizability of our findings is limited because a) the results are based on a single case only and b) because we focus solely on one process - the recruiting process - and do not include other business processes. Practical implications: The case study can be useful for any company that intends to standardize its recruiting process. Clear indications of how to achieve business value out of process standardization are given. Originality/value: This study provides a clear definition of what business process standardization is and how it can lead to increased business value. To practitioners clear indications of how to achieve increased business value by business process standardization are provided. 

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Muenstermann, B., von Stetten, A., Laumer, S., & Eckhardt, A. (2010). The performance impact of business process standardization: HR case study insights. Management Research Review, 33(9), 924-939.


Muenstermann, Bjoern, et al. "The performance impact of business process standardization: HR case study insights." Management Research Review 33.9 (2010): 924-939.

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