Measuring systems for sheet-bulk metal forming

Loderer A, Timmermann M, Matthias S, Kästner M, Schneider T, Hausotte T, Reithmeier E (2015)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2015

Publisher: Trans Tech Publications

City/Town: Pfaffikon

Pages Range: 291-298

Conference Proceedings Title: Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Sheet Metal

Event location: Erlangen DE

ISBN: 978-3-03835-450-5


In order to fulfil today’s demands on fast, efficient and sustainable production processes
the sheet-bulk metal forming is being developed as a new forming technology within the scope of
the SFB/Transregio 73. Characteristically for the sheet bulk metal forming is a three dimensional
material flow, which allows for extensive freedom in the design process. To ensure maintaining all
the advantages, provided by sheet-bulk metal forming, new inspection concepts for the produced
parts as well as for the forming tools have to be developed. For a production-related inspection of
produced parts a multi-sensor fringe projection system is under development, which will be
employed to detect deviations of features’ form and size. With its sensors of varying measuring
range and resolution a feature adapted inspection is possible. Additionally an optical fibre sensor is
projected to detect small parts of interest in a very high resolution to enhance the possibilities of the
multiscale multi-sensor system. A newly developed endoscopic fringe projection system is used to
inspect parts that are out of reach for common optical measuring systems such as the forming tool
of the process. This allows for a continuous measurement of tool features and thus the detection of
slow growing wear. Challenging for measurement tasks in the sheet-bulk metal forming process are
not only the complex geometries but also the harsh environmental conditions and especially for the
parts’ inspection, the different surface parameters. In this article the surface parameters of the some
sheet-bulk metal formed parts and forming tools will be explained, followed by a description of the
different measuring systems. Finally an exemplary evaluation of the influence of the surface
properties on an optical measuring system will be shown.

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Loderer, A., Timmermann, M., Matthias, S., Kästner, M., Schneider, T., Hausotte, T., & Reithmeier, E. (2015). Measuring systems for sheet-bulk metal forming. In Merklein M; Duflou J, Leacock A, Micari F, Hagenah H (Eds.), Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Sheet Metal (pp. 291-298). Erlangen, DE: Pfaffikon: Trans Tech Publications.


Loderer, Andreas, et al. "Measuring systems for sheet-bulk metal forming." Proceedings of the Sheet Metal 2015, Erlangen Ed. Merklein M; Duflou J, Leacock A, Micari F, Hagenah H, Pfaffikon: Trans Tech Publications, 2015. 291-298.

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