Affect Regulation Training

Berking M, Whitley B (2014)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Authored book

Publication year: 2014

Publisher: Springer

City/Town: New York

Edition: 1

ISBN: 9781493910212

DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4939-1022-9


Emotion Regulation is currently one of the most popular topics in clinical psychology. Numerous studies demonstrate that deficits in emotion regulation skills are likely to help maintain various forms of psychological disorders. Thus, enhancing emotion regulation has become a major target in psychotherapeutic treatments. For this purpose, a number of therapeutic strategies have been developed and shown to be effective. However, for practitioners it is often difficult to decide which of these strategies they should use or how they can effectively combine empirically-validated strategies. Thus, the authors developed the Affect Regulation Training as a transdiagnostic intervention which systematically integrates strategies from cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness-based interventions, emotion-focused therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy. The effectiveness of ART has been demonstrated in several high-quality studies.

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Berking, M., & Whitley, B. (2014). Affect Regulation Training. New York: Springer.


Berking, Matthias, and Brian Whitley. Affect Regulation Training. New York: Springer, 2014.

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