Remote powered medical implants for Telemonitoring (Invited Paper)

Walk J, Kolpak J, Söll C, Weigel R, Fischer G, Ußmüller T (2014)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2014


Publisher: IEEE

Book Volume: 102

Pages Range: 100-116

Journal Issue: 10

DOI: 10.1109/JPROC.2014.2359517


Chronicle diseases like diabetes mellitus often need a permanent monitoring of vital signs. Especially the use of telemedicine might increase the quality of life for concerned patients. New systems are required which permanently detect and provide health status information. But, these systems must not control patient’s life and shall work autonomous. For this purpose, intelligent medical implants are well qualified. The present work describes a system for wireless power supply and communication with medical implant applications. Monitoring vital signs might lead to a big amount of data. Therefore, high data rates are necessary provided by high operating frequencies. High frequencies in turn lead to high attenuation losses because of the frequency dependent relative permittivity $\epsilon_r$ of the human body. Hence, high frequencies are not suitable for energy transfer through the human body. The presented concept is based on two different frequencies for power supply and data transmission. An independent devel- opment of both blocks is possible. The power supply operates on 13.56 MHz using inductive coupling. Thereby, the human body doesn’t affect the energy transfer. In contrast, the data transmission is operated by a frequency of the Medical Implant Communication Service band. The elaborated system consists of an power supply unit, a data transmission unit and a control unit. The implementation of the power supply and data transmission as well as associated theoretical basics are presented. Performed measurements demonstrate that the realized system is qualified for the use on human beings.

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Walk, J., Kolpak, J., Söll, C., Weigel, R., Fischer, G., & Ußmüller, T. (2014). Remote powered medical implants for Telemonitoring (Invited Paper). Proceedings of the IEEE, 102(10), 100-116.


Walk, Jasmin, et al. "Remote powered medical implants for Telemonitoring (Invited Paper)." Proceedings of the IEEE 102.10 (2014): 100-116.

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