Fauster T (1994)

Publication Status: Published

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 1994


Publisher: Elsevier

Book Volume: 46

Pages Range: 177-186

DOI: 10.1016/0079-6816(94)90077-9


The current state of the spectroscopy of image states by two-photon photoemission is reviewed. The high resolution permits the detection of several members of the Rydberg series and the determination of the intrinsic linewidth of these states. Recent results for metal overlayers show that the concept of the local work function can be applied and that two-photon photoemission is a sensitive probe for the potential at the surface.

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Fauster, T. (1994). 2-PHOTON PHOTOEMISSION. Progress in Surface Science, 46, 177-186. https://doi.org/10.1016/0079-6816(94)90077-9


Fauster, Thomas. "2-PHOTON PHOTOEMISSION." Progress in Surface Science 46 (1994): 177-186.

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