Adsorption Characteristics of a Zn-Porphyrin on MgO Surfaces

Killian M, Wagener V, Schmuki P (2013)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2013


Book Volume: 45

Pages Range: 194-197

Journal Issue: 1

DOI: 10.1002/sia.4915


Time-of-flight SIMS was used to study monolayers of the siloxane terminated porphyrin Zn-TESP (C67H75N5O5SiZn) attached to magnesium oxide (MgO) substrates in a silanisation reaction. Time-of-flight SIMS spectra show dependence of the coverage on the preparation temperature. The fragmentation pattern of the porphyrin suggests a strong bond formation to MgO, as was previously reported for SiO2. No signal of physisorbed porphyrin—as previously described for TiO2—could be detected, indicating chemisorbed species under all investigated preparation conditions.

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Killian, M., Wagener, V., & Schmuki, P. (2013). Adsorption Characteristics of a Zn-Porphyrin on MgO Surfaces. Surface and Interface Analysis, 45(1), 194-197.


Killian, Manuela, Victoria Wagener, and Patrik Schmuki. "Adsorption Characteristics of a Zn-Porphyrin on MgO Surfaces." Surface and Interface Analysis 45.1 (2013): 194-197.

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