Adaptive finite elements based on sensitivities for topological mesh changes

Leugering G, Friederich J, Steinmann P (2014)

Publication Status: Published

Publication Type: Journal article, Original article

Publication year: 2014


Publisher: Systems Research Institute

Book Volume: 43

Pages Range: 279-306

Journal Issue: 2



We propose a novel approach to adaptive refinement in FEM based on local sensitivities for node insertion. To this end, we consider refinement as a continuous graph operation, for instance by splitting nodes along edges. Thereby, we introduce the concept of the topological mesh derivative for a given objective function. For its calculation, we rely on the first-order asymptotic expansion of the Galerkin solution of a symmetric linear second-order elliptic PDE. In this work, we apply this concept to the total potential energy, which is related to the approximation error in the energy norm. In fact, our approach yields local sensitivities for minimization of the energy error by refinement. Moreover, we prove that our indicator is equivalent to the classical explicit a posteriori error estimator in a certain sense. Numerical results suggest that our method leads to efficient and competitive adaptive refinement.

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Leugering, G., Friederich, J., & Steinmann, P. (2014). Adaptive finite elements based on sensitivities for topological mesh changes. Control and Cybernetics, 43(2), 279-306.


Leugering, Günter, Jan Friederich, and Paul Steinmann. "Adaptive finite elements based on sensitivities for topological mesh changes." Control and Cybernetics 43.2 (2014): 279-306.

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