A Discrete Lagrangian Algorithm for Optimal Routing Problems

Kosmas O, Vlachos DS, Simos TE (2007)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2007

Book Volume: 1060

Pages Range: 75-79

Conference Proceedings Title: AIP Conference Proceedings

Event location: Athens GR


The ideas of discrete Lagrangian methods for conservative systems are exploited for the construction of algorithms applicable in optimal ship routing problems. The algorithm presented here is based on the discretisation of Hamilton’s principle of stationary action Lagrangian and specifically on the direct discretization of the Lagrange‐Hamilton principle for a conservative system. Since, in contrast to the differential equations, the discrete Euler‐Lagrange equations serve as constrains for the optimization of a given cost functional, in the present work we utilize this feature in order to minimize the cost function for optimal ship routing.

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Kosmas, O., Vlachos, D.S., & Simos, T.E. (2007). A Discrete Lagrangian Algorithm for Optimal Routing Problems. In AIP Conference Proceedings (pp. 75-79). Athens, GR.


Kosmas, Odysseas, Dimitros S Vlachos, and Theodoros E. Simos. "A Discrete Lagrangian Algorithm for Optimal Routing Problems." Proceedings of the International electronic Conference on Computer Science, Athens 2007. 75-79.

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