Multistatic mm-Wave Imaging with Planar 2D-Arrays

Ahmed SS, Schießl A, Schmidt LP (2009)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2009

Edited Volumes: German Microwave Conference, GeMIC 2009

Conference Proceedings Title: GeMiC 2009, 16 - 18 March, München, Germany

Event location: Munich

DOI: 10.1109/GEMIC.2009.4815908


This work reports measurement results for the scanning of 2D and 3D objects in W-band (75 to 110 GHz) using active 2D planar arrays in multistatic configuration with digital beamforming technique. The image quality of the object reflectivity depends mainly on the frequency band, array configuration, signal polarization, and focusing method. Multistatic measurements allow for higher dynamic range, reduced antennas count and the feasibility for cross-polarization measurements. Measurements meet the theoretical expectation and the simulation results down to 4 mm resolution. Two multistatic arrays will be presented and compared in terms of image resolution, antennas count, SNR and digital processing needed.

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Ahmed, S.S., Schießl, A., & Schmidt, L.-P. (2009). Multistatic mm-Wave Imaging with Planar 2D-Arrays. In GeMiC 2009, 16 - 18 March, München, Germany. Munich.


Ahmed, S. S., Andreas Schießl, and Lorenz-Peter Schmidt. "Multistatic mm-Wave Imaging with Planar 2D-Arrays." Proceedings of the German Microwave Conference, GeMIC 2009, Munich 2009.

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