Combining Collagen and Bioactive Glasses for Bone Tissue Engineering: A Review

Sarker B, Hum J, Nazhat SN, Boccaccini AR (2014)

Publication Status: Published

Publication Type: Journal article, Review article

Publication year: 2014


Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd

Book Volume: 4

Pages Range: 176-194

Journal Issue: 2

DOI: 10.1002/adhm.201400302


Collagen (COL), the most abundant protein in mammals, offers a wide range of attractive properties for biomedical applications which are the result of its biocompatibility and high affinity to water. However, due to the relative low mechanical properties of COL its applications are still limited. To tackle this disadvantage of COL, especially in the field of bone tissue engineering, COL can be combined with bioactive inorganic materials in a variety of composite systems. One of such systems is the collagen-bioactive glass (COL-BG) composite family, which is the theme of this Review. BG fillers can increase compressive strength and stiffness of COL-based structures. This article reviews the relevant literature published in the last 15 years discussing the fabrication of a variety of COL-BG composites. In vitro cell studies have demonstrated the osteogenic, odontogenic, and angiogenic potential of these composite systems, which has been confirmed by stimulating specific biochemical indicators of relevant cells. Bony integration and connective tissue vessel formation have also been studied by implantation of the composites in vivo. Areas of future research in the field of COL-BG systems, based on current challenges, and gaps in knowledge are highlighted.

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Sarker, B., Hum, J., Nazhat, S.N., & Boccaccini, A.R. (2014). Combining Collagen and Bioactive Glasses for Bone Tissue Engineering: A Review. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 4(2), 176-194.


Sarker, Bapi, et al. "Combining Collagen and Bioactive Glasses for Bone Tissue Engineering: A Review." Advanced Healthcare Materials 4.2 (2014): 176-194.

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