Carrier recombination kinetics in amorphous doping superlattices

Ley L, Hundhausen M (1987)

Publication Type: Book chapter / Article in edited volumes

Publication year: 1987

Publisher: Plenum Press

Edited Volumes: Disordered semiconductors

City/Town: New York & London

Pages Range: n/a

ISBN: 0306424940


Research activities on nipi structures are reported, along with conductivity measurements as a function of layer thickness. The salient features of these measurements are discussed. The authors consider the kinetics of photocarrier recombination in nipi samples below 20 K, as well as persistent photoconductivity.

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Ley, L., & Hundhausen, M. (1987). Carrier recombination kinetics in amorphous doping superlattices. In Disordered semiconductors. (pp. n/a). New York & London: Plenum Press.


Ley, Lothar, and Martin Hundhausen. "Carrier recombination kinetics in amorphous doping superlattices." Disordered semiconductors. New York & London: Plenum Press, 1987. n/a.

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