Optimal control of standing jump movements

Koch M, Leyendecker S (2013)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution, Conference Contribution

Publication year: 2013

Pages Range: DVD, 10 pages

Conference Proceedings Title: Proceedings of the ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Mutlibody Dynamics

Event location: Zagreb HR


The optimal control of human locomotion requires simulation techniques, which handle the contact’s establishing and re- leasing between the foot and the ground. In this work, we consider a monopedal jumper modelled as a three-dimensional rigid multibody system with contact and simulate its dynamics using a structure preserving method. The applied mechan- ical integrator is based on a discrete constrained version of the Lagrange-d’-Alembert principle, which yields a symplectic momentum preserving method. The investigated contact formulation covers the theory of perfectly plastic contacts. To guarantee the structure preservation and the geometrical correctness, the non-smooth problem is solved including the contact configuration, time and force, in contrast to relying on a smooth approximation of the con- tact problem via a penalty potential. Due to the unknown periods for the jump-off, the flight and the landing phase, the optimal control problem is formulated with variable time steps so that the optimiser determines the optimal time flow of the jumping movement. The simple model of a monopedal jumper allows to investigate standing jumping movements, in particular, standing high jumps and standing long jumps are considered in this work. 

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Koch, M., & Leyendecker, S. (2013). Optimal control of standing jump movements. In Proceedings of the ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Mutlibody Dynamics (pp. DVD, 10 pages). Zagreb, HR.


Koch, Michael, and Sigrid Leyendecker. "Optimal control of standing jump movements." Proceedings of the ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Mutlibody Dynamics, Zagreb 2013. DVD, 10 pages.

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