Computational Homogenization in Magneto-Mechanical Composites

Zabihyan R, Mergheim J, Javili A, Steinmann P (2016)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2016


Book Volume: 16

Pages Range: 501-502

Journal Issue: 1

DOI: 10.1002/pamm.201610239


In the present work, the behavior of heterogeneous magnetorheological elastomers undergoing large deformations under the action of magnetic fields is studied. First-order computational homogenization is used to derive the homogenized stresses and magnetic inductions of the macro-structure from the response of the underlying micro-structure. Different types of boundary conditions are applied to solve the micro problem where the constitutive law is assumed to be known.

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Zabihyan, R., Mergheim, J., Javili, A., & Steinmann, P. (2016). Computational Homogenization in Magneto-Mechanical Composites. Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 16(1), 501-502.


Zabihyan, Reza, et al. "Computational Homogenization in Magneto-Mechanical Composites." Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics 16.1 (2016): 501-502.

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