Advances in AOP with AspectC++

Spinczyk O, Lohmann D (2005)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2005

Publisher: IOS Press

Edited Volumes: Proceedings of 4th International Conference on New Trends in Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques, SoMeT_05

Series: Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications

City/Town: Amsterdan Berlin Oxford Tokyo Washington,DC

Book Volume: 129

Pages Range: 33-53

Conference Proceedings Title: New Trends in Software Methodologies Tools and Techniques

Event location: Tokyo, Japan JP


Often declared dead or at least dying, C/C++ is still the lingua franca of many application domains. Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) is a programming paradigm that supports the modular implementation of crosscutting concerns. Thereby, AOP improves the maintainability, reusability, and configurability of software in general. Although already popular in the Java domain, AOP is still not commonly used in conjunction with C/C++. For a broad adoption of AOP by the software industry, it is crucial to provide solid language and tool support. However, research and tool development for C++ is known to be an extremely hard and tedious task, as the language is overwhelmed with interacting features and hard to analyze. Getting AOP into the C++ domain is not just technical challenge. It is also the question of integrating AOP concepts with the philosophy of the C++ language, which is very different from Java. This paper describes the design and development of the AspectC++ language and weaver, which brings fully-fledged AOP support into the C++ domain.

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Spinczyk, O., & Lohmann, D. (2005). Advances in AOP with AspectC++. In New Trends in Software Methodologies Tools and Techniques (pp. 33-53). Tokyo, Japan, JP: Amsterdan Berlin Oxford Tokyo Washington,DC: IOS Press.


Spinczyk, Olaf, and Daniel Lohmann. "Advances in AOP with AspectC++." Proceedings of the SoMeT '05, Tokyo, Japan Amsterdan Berlin Oxford Tokyo Washington,DC: IOS Press, 2005. 33-53.

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