Distributed Failure Analysis, Fallacies and Remedies

Willam K, Dietsche A, Etse G, Steinmann P (1992)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 1992

Publisher: Publ by ASCE

Edited Volumes: Proceedings of Engineering Mechanics

Pages Range: 321-342

Conference Proceedings Title: Proceedings of ASCE'92 Structures Congress X

Event location: Texas, USA


In the past, two distinctly different approaches - smeared and discrete failure descriptions have been utilised to capture failure mechanisms in solids and structures. These two approaches have converged to some degree, since localisation analysis of first order discontinuities does combine many ingredients of the two concepts in describing the transition from volume to surface dominated failure processes. In the following, two issues of failure analysis will be addressed, (i) the regularisation of first order discontinuities by nonlocal constitutive formulations or micropolar continuum theories, and (ii) the computational resolution of discontinuities within the solution domain in the case of localisation.

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Willam, K., Dietsche, A., Etse, G., & Steinmann, P. (1992). Distributed Failure Analysis, Fallacies and Remedies. In Proceedings of ASCE'92 Structures Congress X (pp. 321-342). Texas, USA: Publ by ASCE.


Willam, Kaspar, et al. "Distributed Failure Analysis, Fallacies and Remedies." Proceedings of the San Antonio,, Texas, USA Publ by ASCE, 1992. 321-342.

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