Characterization of the Spray Dynamics in a Pulsed Antisolvent Spray Precipitator.

Bräuer A, Schatz R, Schlücker E, Leipertz A (2006)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2006

Edited Volumes: 10th International Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, ICLASS 2006

Pages Range: nn

Conference Proceedings Title: ICLASS 2006

Event location: Kyoto


Dilution injection into gaseous and supercritical solvents is a famous and well reputed technology for the generation of fine powders with a narrow particle size distribution. Because of profound experiments according to the principle of cause and effect, the influence of spray parameters like pressure, density, temperature, concentration and flow rates onto the resulting particle distribution and particle morphology is well investigated, but in some aspects not completely understood. To close the gap between the operation conditions of the spray precipitator and the resulting particle properties, the characterization of the spray dynamics inside the optically accessible spray precipitator becomes essential. Here we present elastical light scattering investigations of the spray penetration for injection pressures of 10 to 40MPa and for chamber pressure of 2.5 to 12.5MPa at a temperature of 313K. The injected dilution consists of 50g paracetamol in 1kg of ethanol. As the solvent inside the precipitator is carbon dioxide the spray experiments comprise the injection into a gaseous and a supercritical fluid, for the temperature and pressure regime analyzed inside the precipitation reactor. Two methods of distinguishing between ethanol-rich and ethanol-poor regions during the mixing process of both fluids are given. From this knowledge, characteristic time scales concerning mixing or atomization and diffusion can be estimated.

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Bräuer, A., Schatz, R., Schlücker, E., & Leipertz, A. (2006). Characterization of the Spray Dynamics in a Pulsed Antisolvent Spray Precipitator. In ICLASS 2006 (pp. nn). Kyoto.


Bräuer, Andreas, et al. "Characterization of the Spray Dynamics in a Pulsed Antisolvent Spray Precipitator." Proceedings of the ICLASS 2006, Kyoto 2006. nn.

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