The Impact of the Industrial Internet of Things on Established Business Models

Kiel D, Arnold C, Collisi M, Voigt KI (2016)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2016

Event location: Orlando, FL US



The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has gained much attention in practice and research over the last years. It serves as a novel manufacturing paradigm ensuring flexibility and adaptability of production systems and value chains in order to maintain the future global competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises. Its implicated technological change will additionally result in extensive organizational consequences; existing value chains will change resulting in opportunities for new business models (BM). Consequently, established BMs have to be reflected critically.

In general, the IIoT constitutes a relatively young research field. While prior literature concentrated on technological aspects, economic has a backlog compared to technical research. Nevertheless, some authors are already dealing with potential influences of the IIoT on BMs in general, but merely focus on specific aspects and have to be regarded in the respective light of their field of research. Thus, there is no comprehensive picture about the impact of the IIoT on established BMs. Hence, this paper addresses this research gap by answering the research question: In what way does academic literature address the impact of the IIoT on BMs of established manufacturers?

For this purpose, a systematic literature review is chosen as research method. After a structured selection process with regard to high quality and subject relevance, we eventually identified 87 articles of journals, collected editions, as well as studies of research institutions published between 2011 and 2015, which are analyzed in detail. Subsequently, these were synthesized according to the nine components of the BM Canvas by Osterwalder and Pigneur serving as the analytical framework of this review.

Our results show that existing academic literature mainly focuses on IIoT-triggered changes of companies´ key resources and activities, whereas particularly the entire customer perspective is mostly disregarded. Furthermore, none of the reviewed scientific works comprehensively deal with the influences of the IIoT on the entire set of BM components at all. Regarding the most prominent qualitative BM changes, we disclose that the IIoT enables an increasing offering of customized, individualized, and smart products and services associated by a consequent service-orientation. For the purpose of the latter, customers are increasingly integrated in development and manufacturing processes on a collaborative basis. In addition, the IIoT-inherent generation of enormous amounts of undirected data, i.e. big data, requires target-oriented data analysis, which then again necessitates specific experts capable of data mining and processing activities. For all the IIoT´s intelligent production systems, human beings associated with their keen senses still represent resources of particular importance.

Since one of our research goals is to derive need for further research, the review enables us to identify areas to be examined more extensively in future. For instance and among others, we suggest to investigate the customer perspective in more detail as well as to examine the BM as an entire system contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of changes in the context of the IIoT.

In conclusion, our paper contributes to a better understanding of IIoT-triggered BM changes, which is not only valuable for academia, but also for enterprises facing the integration of the internet into their value creation processes.

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Kiel, D., Arnold, C., Collisi, M., & Voigt, K.-I. (2016). The Impact of the Industrial Internet of Things on Established Business Models. In Proceedings of the International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT) Conference. Orlando, FL, US.


Kiel, Daniel, et al. "The Impact of the Industrial Internet of Things on Established Business Models." Proceedings of the International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT) Conference, Orlando, FL 2016.

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