Intralevel-Interleaving for {BICM} in {OFDM} Scenarios

Stierstorfer C, Fischer R (2007)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2007

City/Town: Hamburg, Germany

Conference Proceedings Title: Proceedings 12th International OFDM Workshop

Event location: Hamburg, Germany DE

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Stierstorfer, C., & Fischer, R. (2007). Intralevel-Interleaving for {BICM} in {OFDM} Scenarios. In Proceedings 12th International OFDM Workshop. Hamburg, Germany, DE: Hamburg, Germany.


Stierstorfer, Clemens, and Robert Fischer. "Intralevel-Interleaving for {BICM} in {OFDM} Scenarios." Proceedings of the 12th International OFDM Workshop, Hamburg, Germany Hamburg, Germany, 2007.

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