A Measurement-Based Simulation Model of a Web Cluster

Dietrich I, Hielscher KS, German R (2005)

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2005

Publisher: EUROSIS-ETI

Edited Volumes: 3rd International Industrial Simulation Conference 2005, ISC 2005

City/Town: Ghent, Belgium

Pages Range: 88-92

Conference Proceedings Title: 3rd Int. Industrial Simulation Conference

Event location: Berlin, Germany DE

ISBN: 90-77381-18-X


To evaluate the performance of distributed web servers, we have built a cluster-based web server with eleven nodes in our laboratory to conduct measurements of fine granular performance data like individual per-packet delays. We implemented a precise GPS-based time synchronization solution and a software monitoring solution for high-volume measurement of one-way delays in the range of microseconds. The obtained data is used in the input modeling phase to parameterize and calibrate our UML-based simulation models for the web cluster. Additionally, we use the measured performance figures to validate and verify the output of our simulations. Our models help us to scale cluster-based web server systems for a given application to deliver a demanded quality of service level. © 2005 EUROSIS-ETI.

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Dietrich, I., Hielscher, K.-S., & German, R. (2005). A Measurement-Based Simulation Model of a Web Cluster. In 3rd Int. Industrial Simulation Conference (pp. 88-92). Berlin, Germany, DE: Ghent, Belgium: EUROSIS-ETI.


Dietrich, Isabel, Kai-Steffen Hielscher, and Reinhard German. "A Measurement-Based Simulation Model of a Web Cluster." Proceedings of the ISC'2005, Berlin, Germany Ghent, Belgium: EUROSIS-ETI, 2005. 88-92.

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