Context-exploiting shapes for diagram transformation

Drewes F, Hoffmann B, Minas M (2003)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Journal article, Original article

Publication year: 2003


Publisher: Polska Akademia Nauk

Book Volume: 12

Pages Range: 117-132

Journal Issue: 1



DiaPlan is a language for programming with graphs representing diagrams that is currently being developed. The computational model of the language - nested graph transformation - supports nested structuring of graphs and graph variables, but is still intuitive. This paper discusses structural typing of nested graphs and nested graph transformation systems by shape rules. We extend the context-free shape rules proposed in earlier work to context-exploiting shape rules with which many relevant graph structures can be specified. The conformance of a nested graph to the shape rules is decidable. If a transformation system conforms to shape rules as well, it can be shown to preserve shape conformance of the graphs it is applied to. This sets up a static type discipline for nested graph transformation.

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Drewes, F., Hoffmann, B., & Minas, M. (2003). Context-exploiting shapes for diagram transformation. Machine Graphics and Vision, 12(1), 117-132.


Drewes, F, Berthold Hoffmann, and Mark Minas. "Context-exploiting shapes for diagram transformation." Machine Graphics and Vision 12.1 (2003): 117-132.

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