Specifying graph-like diagrams with DiaGen

Minas M (2002)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution, Original article

Publication year: 2002


Publisher: Elsevier BV

Series: Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science

City/Town: Amsterdam

Book Volume: 72

Pages Range: 102-111

Conference Proceedings Title: Proc. International Workshop on Graph-Based Tools (GraBaTs'02)

Event location: Barcelona ES

Journal Issue: 2

URI: http://www2.informatik.uni-erlangen.de/publication/download/GraBaTs02.pdf

DOI: 10.1016/S1571-0661(05)80761-3


This extended abstract demonstrates that creating editors and environments for visual languages becomes considerably easier when restricting the class of visual languages. The presented approach considers graph-like languages whose diagrams consist of nodes and edges with different types. The specification method allows to describe such graphs in terms of their node and edge types and makes use of constraints in order to express syntactic properties. The DIA GEN system is used to generate running editors from such specifications.

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Minas, M. (2002). Specifying graph-like diagrams with DiaGen. In Mens, T. ; Schürr, A. ; Taentzer, Gabi (Eds.), Proc. International Workshop on Graph-Based Tools (GraBaTs'02) (pp. 102-111). Barcelona, ES: Amsterdam: Elsevier BV.


Minas, Mark. "Specifying graph-like diagrams with DiaGen." Proceedings of the International Workshop on Graph Based Tools (GraBaTs 2002), Barcelona Ed. Mens, T. ; Schürr, A. ; Taentzer, Gabi, Amsterdam: Elsevier BV, 2002. 102-111.

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