Suppression of eddies in films over topography

Wierschem A, Pollak T, Heining C, Aksel N (2010)

Publication Type: Journal article, Original article

Publication year: 2010


Publisher: American Institute of Physics (AIP)

Book Volume: 22

Pages Range: 113603

Journal Issue: 11


DOI: 10.1063/1.3504374


We study inertial film flow down undulated inclines. With increasing Reynolds number, eddies are formed in the troughs of the bottom undulation. Further increase leads to a diminution of the eddies until they vanish completely. At even higher Reynolds numbers, they reappear yielding an eddy-free window of Reynolds numbers. Within this window, the free-surface shape changes abruptly. The change comes along with a sudden decrease in the mean film thickness and an abrupt transition of the surface shape type from anharmonic with a strong indentation to harmonic. The anharmonic surface shape shows typical features of a hydraulic jump, which vanishes during the transition. We find that the eddies disappear at Reynolds numbers where the first harmonic of the free-surface contour is sufficiently strong regardless of the exact surface shape. Numerical calculations are in good agreement with the experimental findings. © 2010 American Institute of Physics.

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Wierschem, A., Pollak, T., Heining, C., & Aksel, N. (2010). Suppression of eddies in films over topography. Physics of Fluids, 22(11), 113603.


Wierschem, Andreas, et al. "Suppression of eddies in films over topography." Physics of Fluids 22.11 (2010): 113603.

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