New Finite Elements for Large-Scale Simulation of Optical Waves

Pflaum C, Berneker B, Steinle G (2008)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Journal article, Report

Publication year: 2008


Publisher: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Book Volume: 31

Pages Range: 1063-1081

Journal Issue: 2


DOI: 10.1137/070692224


We present a new method to simulate optical waves in large geometries. This method is based on newly developed finite elements, so-called trigonometric finite wave elements (TFWEs). They are constructed by linear elements as well as by trigonometric functions such that the one-dimensional Helmholtz equation is exactly solved unde r certain conditions. In comparison with the transfer matrix method, the TFWE method offers equally good results, but it can be extended to higher dimensions and applied to time-dynamic problems. The analysis of TFWEs shows that these elements approximate functions with certain oscillation properties more accurately than standard finite elements. Thus, a finite element discretization with TFWEs leads to a smaller system of equations which eases the solving process. Numerical results obtained by applying the TFWE method to the simulation of the optical wave in distributed feedback lasers are presented. © 2008 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

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Pflaum, C., Berneker, B., & Steinle, G. (2008). New Finite Elements for Large-Scale Simulation of Optical Waves. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 31(2), 1063-1081.


Pflaum, Christoph, Britta Berneker, and Günther Steinle. "New Finite Elements for Large-Scale Simulation of Optical Waves." SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 31.2 (2008): 1063-1081.

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