The Industrial Internet of Things from a Management Perspective: A Systematic Review of Current Literature

Arnold C (2017)

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Publication year: 2017


Book Volume: 1

Pages Range: 8-21

Event location: Bucharest

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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to a novel manufacturing paradigm. In its core, it enables real-time, smart, horizontal, and vertical connection of machines, objects, and people resulting in a smart factory. To date, the IIoT has primarily been researched from a technical perspective, while economic research is still in its infancy. In order to promote scientific discussion from a management perspective, this paper aims at systematically analyzing and displaying the current state of economic IIoT research. Thus, research gaps can be identified and targeted future management research can be supported.

A systematic literature review is chosen as research method since it is appropriate for the identification, evaluation, synthesis and discussion of existing academic works. A structured selection process with regard to high quality and subject relevance revealed 52 publications published between 2011 and 2016 to be further analyzed in detail. This examination identified four topics discussed in current management literature. Most of the identified articles address IIoT Ecosystem aspects. This includes IIoT-related strategic implications in terms of business partners and other stakeholders, e.g., non-governmental organizations. The topic IIoT Business Models deals with IIoT-triggered effects on established business models to ensure future viability as well as with novel, innovative business concepts. Literature focusing on IIoT Technology Adoption addresses strategic recommendations in terms of both manufacturing transition and adoption requirements. Lastly, IIoT Qualification articles dwell on implications of increasingly digitized work environments for appropriate job designs and qualification requirements.

By providing a comprehensive and clearly displayed current state of research as well as showing respective research gaps, the findings are highly relevant for future economic IIoT research. Moreover, this article supports managerial practitioners in understanding the IIoT and its inevitable effects on industrial companies by presenting insights into strategic management in the era of digitized and connected industrial value creation and capture.

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Arnold, C. (2017). The Industrial Internet of Things from a Management Perspective: A Systematic Review of Current Literature. Journal of emerging trends in marketing and management, 1(1), 8-21.


Arnold, Christian. "The Industrial Internet of Things from a Management Perspective: A Systematic Review of Current Literature." Journal of emerging trends in marketing and management 1.1 (2017): 8-21.

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