'Shellome': proteins involved in mollusc shell biomineralization – diversity, functions

Wolf S, Marin F, Marie B, Hamada SB, Silva P, Montagnani C, Joubert C, Piquemal D, Le Roy N (2013)

Publication Type: Book chapter / Article in edited volumes

Subtype: other

Publication year: 2013

Publisher: Terrapub

Edited Volumes: Recent Advances in Pearl Research

Pages Range: 149-166


Since the mid-seventies, there has been a considerable emphasis on the key-role played by extracellular organic macromolecules associated to mollusc shell biomineralization. In particular, the proteins occluded within the shell are supposed to fulfill several distinct functions, listed as follows: to provide a gel-like or colloidal micro-environment where crystallization can occur, to compartmentalize this environment in relation to the future microstructure, to promote nucleation and favour crystal growth in privileged crystallographic axes, to stop crystal growth when necessary. Beside these functions related to the interaction with the mineral, some specific shell proteins function as enzymes, while others exert signalling activities towards the calcifying mantle epithelium. The topographic models of shell mineralization, which emerged a decade ago for describing nacre ultrastructure, translate very imperfectly the complexity of the calcification process at the molecular level. For a few years, we have undertaken to obtain and compare the “shellomes”—the full shell protein contents of several mollusc models—by combining a proteomic approach to available EST data sets. Surprisingly, our findings suggest that, from model to model (pearl oyster versus mussel, for example), the nacre protein contents may exhibit very few similarities. In this review paper, functional and evolutionary implications of our data are briefly discussed.

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Wolf, S., Marin, F., Marie, B., Hamada, S.B., Silva, P., Montagnani, C.,... Le Roy, N. (2013). 'Shellome': proteins involved in mollusc shell biomineralization – diversity, functions. In Watabe S, Maeyama K, Nagasawa H (Eds.), Recent Advances in Pearl Research. (pp. 149-166). Terrapub.


Wolf, Stephan, et al. "'Shellome': proteins involved in mollusc shell biomineralization – diversity, functions." Recent Advances in Pearl Research. Ed. Watabe S, Maeyama K, Nagasawa H, Terrapub, 2013. 149-166.

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