One-dimensional potential for image-potential states on graphene

De Andres PL, Echenique PM, Niesner D, Fauster T, Rivacoba A (2014)

Publication Status: Published

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2014


Publisher: Institute of Physics: Open Access Journals / Institute of Physics (IoP) and Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft

Book Volume: 16

Article Number: 023012

DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/16/2/023012


In the framework of dielectric theory, the static non-local self-energy of an electron near an ultra-thin polarizable layer has been calculated and applied to study binding energies of image-potential states near free-standing graphene. The corresponding series of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions have been obtained by numerically solving the one-dimensional Schrodinger equation. The imagepotential state wave functions accumulate most of their probability outside the slab. We find that the random phase approximation (RPA) for the nonlocal dielectric function yields a superior description for the potential inside the slab, but a simple Fermi-Thomas theory can be used to get a reasonable quasi-analytical approximation to the full RPA result that can be computed very economically. Binding energies of the image-potential states follow a pattern close to the Rydberg series for a perfect metal with the addition of intermediate states due to the added symmetry of the potential. The formalism only requires a minimal set of free parameters: the slab width and the electronic density. The theoretical calculations are compared with experimental results for the work function and image-potential states obtained by two-photon photoemission.

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De Andres, P.L., Echenique, P.M., Niesner, D., Fauster, T., & Rivacoba, A. (2014). One-dimensional potential for image-potential states on graphene. New Journal of Physics, 16.


De Andres, P. L., et al. "One-dimensional potential for image-potential states on graphene." New Journal of Physics 16 (2014).

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