An Architecture for Continuous Data Quality Monitoring in Medical Centers

Endler G, Schwab P, Wahl AM, Tenschert J, Lenz R (2015)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution, Original article

Publication year: 2015

Publisher: IOS Press

Series: Studies in Health Technology and Informatics

City/Town: Amsterdam

Book Volume: 216

Pages Range: 852-856

Conference Proceedings Title: MEDINFO 2015: eHealth-enabled Health

Event location: São Paulo, Brasilien BR

ISBN: 978-1-61499-563-0


DOI: 10.3233/978-1-61499-564-7-852

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In the medical domain, data quality is very important. Since requirements and data change frequently, continuous and sustainable monitoring and improvement of data quality is necessary. Working together with managers of medical centers, we developed an architecture for a data quality monitoring system. The architecture enables domain experts to adapt the system during runtime to match their specifications using a built-in rule system. It also allows arbitrarily complex analyses to be integrated into the monitoring cycle. We evaluate our architecture by matching its components to the well-known data quality methodology TDQM.

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Endler, G., Schwab, P., Wahl, A.M., Tenschert, J., & Lenz, R. (2015). An Architecture for Continuous Data Quality Monitoring in Medical Centers. In MEDINFO 2015: eHealth-enabled Health (pp. 852-856). São Paulo, Brasilien, BR: Amsterdam: IOS Press.


Endler, Gregor, et al. "An Architecture for Continuous Data Quality Monitoring in Medical Centers." Proceedings of the MEDINFO'15, São Paulo, Brasilien Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2015. 852-856.

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