Computational Imaging for Stop-Motion Animated Video Productions

Zilly F, Ziegler M, Keinert J, Schöberl M, Foessel S (2014)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2014


Book Volume: 6

Pages Range: 14-19


DOI: 10.1049/ib.2014.0039


Creating movies using stop-motion technology remains a fascinating method of storytelling, even in the era of digital cinema. The huge number of professional and semi-professional clips produced as fan-art, which can be watched on the internet, serve as testimony to the great interest in unleashing the creative potential of this art-form. However, producing content using stop-motion remains a cumbersome task, with high production costs especially for full-length movies. Consequently, a trend can be observed that even many successful television series which were originally produced using stop-motion, have been moved to computer animation. Against this background, we propose in this paper a new production scheme for stop-motion-animated movies which has the potential to lower production costs while increasing the quality of the resulting content. By using a static multi-camera array and algorithms from the field of computational imaging, our technology permits the creation of artistic effects in post-production which are difficult to realise using conventional stop-motion methods. Our approach allows: changes in the depth-of-field; smooth camera moves along virtual camera paths; and up-sampling o f the frame-rate of the stop-motion-video, all in high quality. All effects are computed and applied in post-production while all intrinsic and extrinsic parameters of the cameras remain fixed during the whole production. To demonstrate the practicability, we shall show with in this paper, results from a stop- motion video which has been produced using the proposed methods.

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Zilly, F., Ziegler, M., Keinert, J., Schöberl, M., & Foessel, S. (2014). Computational Imaging for Stop-Motion Animated Video Productions. The Best of IET and IBC, 6, 14-19.


Zilly, F., et al. "Computational Imaging for Stop-Motion Animated Video Productions." The Best of IET and IBC 6 (2014): 14-19.

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