Leveraging the GPU on Spark

Polzer T, Adersberger J (2017)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution, Abstract of lecture

Publication year: 2017

Event location: Miami, FL US

URI: https://www2.cs.fau.de/publication/download/2017_05_ApacheBigData_TobiasPolzer_spark.pdf


GPUs are a great resource of computing power but yet not accessible from Apache Spark. We present a RDD implementation we've open sourced to leverage GPU computing power with Spark. We'll share the experiences we gained along the way implementing the RDD, and a real-world application using the RDD: What's the best way to bridge from Java to GPU code (OpenCL or CUDA)? From an architectural perspective - what's the best way to integrate a GPU processing facility into Spark? How much faster are typical Spark actions when using the GPU? What Spark actions are best processed on a GPU? Java-to-GPU bridges, best way to integrate GPU processing into Spark and performance evaluation.

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Polzer, T., & Adersberger, J. (2017, May). Leveraging the GPU on Spark. Paper presentation at Apache: Big Data North America 2017, Miami, FL, US.


Polzer, Tobias, and Josef Adersberger. "Leveraging the GPU on Spark." Presented at Apache: Big Data North America 2017, Miami, FL 2017.

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