Technology Adoption with Reference to Embedded Systems

Arnold C, Kiel D, Baccarella C, Voigt KI, Hoffmann D (2015)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Conference contribution

Publication year: 2015

Event location: Rome IT



Embedded Systems (ES) are information processing systems consisting of a hybrid combination of hardware and software components integrated into a technical environment. Controlling, regulating and monitoring a system under real-time requirements to achieve efficiency, reliability and specificity is their primary object. The employment of ES in a wide-ranging application field, e.g. automotive, aviation, telecommunications as well as machinery and plant engineering, underlines their essential technological importance. Enterprises operating in such a competitive high tech market have to cope with the establishment of new technologies to gain and maintain competitive advantage. This is principally related to two main tasks: the adoption and diffusion of new technologies. Consequently, our paper analyses the process of how new technologies are approved and rejected in companies operating within an ES-oriented environment.

The research method chosen for our study are semi-structured interviews which have been conducted with 48 experts from several industries in the European Metropolitan Area of Nuremberg (EMN), Germany. The compiled data has been subject to a qualitative content analysis, which is an appropriate method to extract relevant information from text material following a predefined scheme.

The results show that technology adoption as well as diffusion play an important role for ES-oriented enterprises. Regarding information diffusion, seven methods constituting both on- and offline channels are employed. Moreover, it is significantly influenced by persons, networks, suppliers and customers, whereas conflicts between individuals, contrary to theory, play a minor role.  In addition, there exists a range of eleven different reasons for technology rejection, e.g. costs, own developments and a missing customer value.

The findings of this study are highly relevant for the analysis of technology adoption processes as part of innovation, technology and knowledge management which are critical for being competitively successful in a high tech market. This study concerning technology adoption with reference to ES serves as a basis to further analyse the transformation of ES-technologies into marketable products and/or services, all associated management decisions as well as the transferability of our results to other technological fields.

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Arnold, C., Kiel, D., Baccarella, C., Voigt, K.-I., & Hoffmann, D. (2015). Technology Adoption with Reference to Embedded Systems. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Management, Economics and Social Science (MES). Rome, IT.


Arnold, Christian, et al. "Technology Adoption with Reference to Embedded Systems." Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Management, Economics and Social Science (MES), Rome 2015.

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