Shaftesbury, Standard Edition, Band II,6, Askemata,

Benda W, Jackson-Holzberg C, Müller P, Uehlein F (2011)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Edited Volume

Subtype: Book

Publication year: 2011

Publisher: frommann-holzboog

Series: Shaftesbury, Standard Edition,

City/Town: Bad Canstatt

Book Volume: II 6


Almost all volumes (one exception: II 3) contain photographic reproductions of the emblematic engravings commissioned by Shaftesbury for the second edition of his Characteristicks; some of our texts are also accompanied by plates showing the original manuscript or an editio princeps.

Eds Wolfram Benda, Christine Jackson-Holzberg, Patrick Müller, Friedrich A. Uehlein.

57-470: Shaftesbury’s manuscript Askêmata.

471-543: six appendices showing related and for the most part previously unpublished manuscript texts: a fragment on Oikonomia; the “Parchment” (a personal pocket encheiridion); Excerpta; Laws; the “Prayer”; Dogmata.

A new and annotated critical edition of the Earl’s philosophical exercises or “Closet-Work”: the “Studdy Writing Figuring Practicing” necessary to “the Work of Self-Improvement”.

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Benda, W., Jackson-Holzberg, C., Müller, P., & Uehlein, F. (Eds.) (2011). Shaftesbury, Standard Edition, Band II,6, Askemata,. Bad Canstatt: frommann-holzboog.


Benda, Wolfram, et al, eds. Shaftesbury, Standard Edition, Band II,6, Askemata,. Bad Canstatt: frommann-holzboog, 2011.

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