Potential gender differences in learning French as a foreign language.

Uhl P (2016)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Book chapter / Article in edited volumes

Publication year: 2016

Publisher: Universiti Sains Malaysia

Edited Volumes: Papers presented at USM-FAU International Conference

City/Town: Pulau Pinan

Pages Range: 47-56


On the one hand, systematic performance measurements conducted in the context of extensive studies of foreign language learning carried out in Germany (e.g. Klieme, 2008; Köller, Knigge & Tesch, 2010) have shown that boys are generally outperformed by girls. On the other hand, Schmenk (2002, 2009) provides evidence showing that neither boys nor girls can be considered as ‘better learners’. Therefore research examining why gender differences have been found in some, but not in all studies of foreign language leaning (Hyde & McKinley, 1997; Moss, 2007) is of great importance. This research should be conducted not only in the field of neuroscience, but also in fields such as psychology, applied linguistics and pedagogy. This is because several internal and external factors (e.g. motivation, interests, concept of self, stereotypes towards the target culture as well as gender-specific expectations and transmission of gender stereotypes during the socialization process) have to be considered (e.g. Daniels, 2008; Fuchs, 2013; Hannover, 2010; Ludwig, 2007; Meißner, Beckmann & Schröder-Sura, 2008; Stanat & Kunter, 2002).

In the present study, the French language skills of 46 14- to 16-year-old male and female learners of French as a foreign language were examined to investigate the role of several internal factors in possible gender differences in foreign language learning. The overall aim of this research project is to provide more specific information about the causal chain of gender differences. Furthermore, the data collected for this study could be used in order to develop and improve research-based approaches for gender-sensitive teaching.

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Uhl, P. (2016). Potential gender differences in learning French as a foreign language. In Saleh; S. & Yakob, N. (Eds.), Papers presented at USM-FAU International Conference. (pp. 47-56). Pulau Pinan: Universiti Sains Malaysia.


Uhl, Patricia. "Potential gender differences in learning French as a foreign language." Papers presented at USM-FAU International Conference. Ed. Saleh; S. & Yakob, N., Pulau Pinan: Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2016. 47-56.

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