Upper Jurassic record of Polyphylloseris (Egypt, Northern Sinai)

Gameil M, Fürsich F, H. Mandurah M (2013)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2013


Book Volume: 6

Pages Range: 4271-4278

Journal Issue: 11

DOI: 10.1007/s12517-012-0691-6


Genus Polyphylloseris is a scleractinian colonial coral that has been established by d’Orbigny (1849) from the Neocomian of Yonne, France. The genus is characterized by having elevated domal calices that are mammillar or craterlike in shape and with porous confluent septa. Columella is absent or rudimentary, and the lower surface of the corallum is covered with a thick and wrinkled holotheca. Specimens having the above-mentioned characteristics have been collected from the Upper Jurassic Arousiah Member of the Masajid Formation (Callovian–Oxfordian) of Gebel Maghara, Northern Sinai, Egypt. They are characterized by having a cupolate colonial form and porous pennulate septa which reach 40–50 in number. Based on these characters and other characters such as density of septa, height, and width of mammillar calices, the studied material is attributed to a new species named Polyphylloseris magharensis. The new species is a first undoubted record of Polyphylloseris in the Jurassic. Previously recorded undoubted ages of the genus are Early and Late Cretaceous. The fewer number of septa and the smaller-sized and closer mammillar calices allow differentiation of the species from other species such as Polyphylloseris icaunensis d’Orbigny and Polyphylloseris convexa d’Orbigny.

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Gameil, M., Fürsich, F., & H. Mandurah, M. (2013). Upper Jurassic record of Polyphylloseris (Egypt, Northern Sinai). Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 6(11), 4271-4278. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12517-012-0691-6


Gameil, Mohammed, Franz Fürsich, and Mohammed H. Mandurah. "Upper Jurassic record of Polyphylloseris (Egypt, Northern Sinai)." Arabian Journal of Geosciences 6.11 (2013): 4271-4278.

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