Using the focal phase to control attosecond processes

Hoff D, Krüger M, Maisenbacher L, Paulus GG, Hommelhoff P, Sayler A M (2017)

Publication Type: Journal article, Letter

Publication year: 2017


Book Volume: 19

Article Number: 124007

Journal Issue: 12

DOI: 10.1088/2040-8986/aa9247

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The spatial evolution of the electric field of focused broadband light is crucial for many emerging attosecond technologies. Here the effects of the input beam parameters on the evolution of few-cycle laser pulses in the focus are discussed. Specifically, we detail how the frequency-dependent input beam geometry, chirp and chromatic aberration can affect the spatial dependence of the carrier-envelope phase (CEP), central frequency and pulse duration in the focus. These effects are confirmed by a direct, three-dimensional measurement of the CEP-evolution in the focus of a typical few-cycle pulse laser using electron rescattering at metal nanotips in combination with a CEP-metre. Moreover, we demonstrate a simple measurement technique to estimate the focal CEP evolution by input-beam parameters. These parameters can be used in novel ways in order to control attosecond dynamics and tailor highly nonlinear light–matter interactions.

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Hoff, D., Krüger, M., Maisenbacher, L., Paulus, G.G., Hommelhoff, P., & Sayler A, M. (2017). Using the focal phase to control attosecond processes. Journal of Optics A-Pure and Applied Optics, 19(12).


Hoff, Dominik, et al. "Using the focal phase to control attosecond processes." Journal of Optics A-Pure and Applied Optics 19.12 (2017).

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