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FROM SKETCHES TO GRAPHS: A DEEP LEARNING BASED METHOD FOR DETECTION AND CONTEXTUALISATION OF PRINCIPLE SKETCHES IN THE EARLY PHASE OF PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT (2023) Bickel S, Götz S, Wartzack S Journal article USE CASES FOR A HYBRID AUGMENTED REALITY COMPUTER WORKSTATION IN CAD WORKFLOWS (2023) Harlan J, Götz S, Wartzack S Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Spider web inspired composite structures - a new concept for load introduction in fiber-reinforced-plastics sandwich structures (2022) Franz M, Völkl H, Wartzack S Conference contribution Estimation of Composite Laminate Ply Angles Using an Inverse Bayesian Approach Based on Surrogate Models (2022) Franz M, Pfingstl S, Zimmermann M, Wartzack S Conference contribution A Musculoskeletal Human Model-Based Approach for Evaluating Support Concepts of Exoskeletons for Selected Use Cases (2022) Molz C, Yao Z, Sänger J, Gwosch T, Weidner R, Matthiesen S, Wartzack S, Miehling J Journal article Sysml 4 Digital Twins – Utilization of System Models for the Design and Operation of Digital Twins (2022) Wilking F, Sauer C, Schleich B, Wartzack S Journal article Strength Analysis of Structurally Optimized Aluminium-Composite Tubular Lap Joints (2022) Jäger M, Wartzack S Journal article The Value of Information in Clustering Dense Matrices: When and How to Make Use of Information (2022) Endreß F, Kipouros T, Buker T, Wartzack S, Clarkson PJ Journal article The Interplay of Subjective Quality Evaluation, Prototyping Technologies and the User's Technology Acceptance (2022) Buker T, Endreß F, Miehling J, Wartzack S Journal article Enabling Initial Design-Checks of Parametric Designs Using Digital Engineering Methods (2022) Gerschütz B, Bickel S, Schleich B, Wartzack S Journal article